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invest in young people
sow a seed

In her song "The Greatest Love of All" Whitney Houston sang about children being our future and that we should teach them well. The SOCKAC Adventure Coaches agree!! We are creating positive changes in small towns and rural communities by empowering our young people through programs, workshops, activities, and performances surrounding the arts and science. We are dedicated to providing options for the young people to explore and define their "greatness". Our programs, workshops, activities, and performances are created to afford every young person and "adventure" in learning! 

                                     Click here to sow your seed:       A 501(c)3 Entity


You can help!  We need your help! Invest in our young people by becoming a "seed sower". No amount is too small or too large. The financial seeds you sow goes toward providing the young people options of stage plays, fashion shows, photography workshops, entrepreneurship lessons, culinary workshops and shows, pod casting, trucking, aviation and aerospace, and more. We survey our young people to find out the interest, then, we go out and find experts in the field to offer classes, workshops, or some activities surrounding that interest. This gives the young people an opportunity to explore and define their "greatness."


Make a worthwhile investment today and become a "seed sower." You will make a significant difference in the lives of many young people.

                               Click here to sow your seed:                 A 501(c)3 Entity

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