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Our Camps

Our mission is to create positive changes in small towns and rural communities by empowering young people through programs, workshops, activities, productions, and performances surrounding the arts and science which affords the adventurers a wealth of "adventures" to explore and begin defining their greatness.

SOCKAC is our parent entity with four additional divisions--fashion and design; plays and performances; aviation and aerospace; and music. SOCKAC division offers adventures in arts and crafts, photography, trucking, community services, pod casting, radio interviews, and more.  Take a look at the other divisions of SOCKAC!!

Three ways to sign up: (Click contact us)

Our Partners

A Place Filled With Adventures

Turning Things Around  Productions

Cajun Gems Culinary

Turning Things Around Productions offers options of learning more about the acting industry through stage plays and performances. Play writer Karen Matthews is our primary source of plays as she writes gospel plays with real-life and relatable stories. 

The adventurers learn much more than memorizing lines. Accountability, time management, commitment, team support, self-confidence, setting standards, marketing and more.









Cajun Gems Culinary is the division which teaches the adventurers about the world of culinary, entrepreneurship, and community services.  Partnering with Pastors Steven and Sarahi Sawtelle, Hundredfold Coffee House the adventurers are responsible for creating and cooking a healthy menu to feed the homeless in Ville Platte, Louisiana. In this 12-week culinary program the adventurers will learn about entrepreneurship, food safety and prep, and provide a community service

Coming Summer 2024!

Geneva's Creations

Bennett Aerospace Academy

Geneva , Louisiana will be bringing the world of fabrics to our adventurers this summer! They learn how to design, create patterns, sew, and model anything with fabrics. 

This fall the adventurers will put on a fashion show to showcase their creations!

In October 2023, Captain Wesley Bennett offered an introduction to aviation and aerospace. He will continue the journey into the world of aviation and aerospace this summer. As a drone pilot, his goal is to teach the adventurers about becoming a pilot and the world of aerospace! This is a plus for small town adventurers. 

The Producers Academy

The Producers Academy embraces the world of music! The leader in this program teaches the kids how to write music and lyrics and produce it. Voice lessons is also offered.

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